Able Portal

Creating an interactive analytics dashboard


As part of a larger product from Ineqe, the Able Portal is a dashboard which provides analytics and behind-the-scenes functionality for admins of schools and other businesses. Alongside our Senior Back-end Developer, I had the responsibility of designing the entire UI and front-end from scratch.


UI Design / Front-end Development

Able Interface Mockups


Coming in to this project as a new hire; I had very limited knowledge of the brand, or for the context of what I would be building — and with a relatively short deadline, I had to familiarise myself with the ecosystem very quickly.

Able 404 Screen
Able Calendar Component


Analysing the existing platform and wireframes, I began restructuring the content into a much more intuitive and friendly layout. Whilst designing the UI, I had to ensure that I was creating easy-to-style, reusable components; as it had been decided that ReactJS would be used to build the dashboard.

Able Colour Palette
Able Component Styles


The response to the finished product from both clients and colleagues was really well received!

I found this such an incredible opportunity to be able to design and help develop something that is actually live and working.

I would have loved to explore more design solutions, and test different layouts; but given the limited timeframe and small development team, I’m actually really proud of the final outcome.